Home Assistant Addon

Home Assistant is an open source platform for managing all the smart devices in your home.

This provides the ability to load arbitrary applications alongside your home assistant instance via addons.

You can use this by adding https://github.com/delfick/photons-homeassistant as a repository in Home Assistant and enabling Photons Interactor.

Once it is running you can use the Home Assistant rest_command to make Photons Interactor do things to your devices:

    url: ''
    method: "put"
    payload: |
        "command": "transform",
        "args": {
          "transform": {
            "color": "red saturation:0.5 brightness:0.5"

Will use the interactor to change all of your lights to red.

A custom lifx.yml configuration may also be provided by placing a lifx.yml file in a photons folder in the home assistant config share.

See https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/configuration/