Options for the Interactor

By default lifx lan:interactor will load options from a lifx.yml in the current directory. This can be changed with the LIFX_CONFIG environment variable.

The file used for configuration may contain Photons specific configuration along with the following options which are all optional:

    # The host the server is started on
    # If you want to expose the server externally and you aren't running
    # this in a container, set this to
    # The server has no authentication, so it's not recommended to do that
    # without it being behind a firewall or only accessible via VPN.

    # The port used by the server
    port: 6100

    # options for zeroconf setup
      # If true, Interactor will enable Zeroconf but only if the host is not
      # set to or localhost. Default is false.
      # enabled: true

      # Interactor can work out the IP of this computer automatically,
      # or you can manually specify one. It must be assigned to an interface
      # on the local machine.
      # ip_address:

      # The name of this Photons Interactor instance. Defaults to the hostname,
      # but it can be customised. Should be unique on the network to avoid duplicates.
      # name: <hostname>

      # Scenes use a sqlite3 database and one will be created when the server
      # starts up if one does not already exist
      # By default it will create interactor.db in the same directory as the
      # main configuration file. If a configuration file doesn't exist, then
      # this is made in the current working directory.
      uri: "{config_root}/interactor.db"

        limit: 30 # Limit of 30 messages inflight at any one time
        search_interval: 1800 # do a discovery every 30 minutes
          LIGHT_STATE: 600 # label, power, hsbk every 10 minutes
          VERSION: null # The type of product can be cached forever
          FIRMWARE: 86400 # Cache the firmware version for a day
          GROUP: 780 # Cache group information for 13 minutes
          LOCATION: 9600 # Cache location information for 16 minutes