Running the Interactor from Docker

With many thanks to @Djelibeybi, a docker image is available to run the interactor, which will work on many architectures including a Raspberry Pi.


It’s not possible to discover devices on the network from a Mac OSX so the docker container only works from linux.

The following may be used:

$ docker run --name=photons \
    --detach \
    --restart=always \
    --net=host \
    -e TZ=Australia/Melbourne \
    -v $PWD/configdir:/project/config \

Replace Australia/Melbourne with the appropriate TZ database name.

The -v configdir:/project/config part of that command isn’t strictly required and may be left out. It is useful if the server is used to create scenes as these are saved in an sqlite3 database that will be put in that folder by default.

By creating a directory (in this example, configdir in the current working directory) this sqlite3 database will exist outside the docker container and survive across running that docker command multiple times.

For custom options, that configdir directory may have a lifx.yml containing appropriate options.